Procurement & Pharmacy Operations Made Easy For Healthcare Providers.

Make all of your pharmaceutical purchases in one place (with financing options). Easy access to the African market for manufacturers.

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Trusted by over 1000 Pharmacies, Patent Stores & Hospitals.

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Revolutionary Solutions For Healthcare Providers.

Simplify your procurement process and scale your pharmacy operations.

  • Remedial Rx

    Reduce costs, paper and time spent in running your day-to-day pharmacy operations.
  • Remedial Shop

    One-stop digital shop to stock up your pharmacy.
  • Remedial Buy Now, Pay Later

    Inventory financing solutions to scale your pharmacy business.
  • Remedial Benefits Manager

    Deliver clinical pharmacy services and medications to insurers with ease.
  • Remedial Intelligence

    Data-driven insights for the pharma supply chain.
  • Market Access

    Unlock access to those who need your pharmaceutical products the most.
Stock up the smart way

Central Hub For All Your Procurement Needs

Stock up the smart way & make the most of your budget.

Purchase all your pharmaceuticals and medical products in one place, hassle-free. While at it, take advantage of our stock financing options.

  • Save on Spend

    Benefit from the great discounts we achieve through bulk-buying and our relationship with world's top manufacturers.
  • Purchase With Ease

    A central hub means no more administrative nightmare of dealing with numerous suppliers or visiting the market
  • Buy Now, Pay Later

    Pay ONLY for what you dispense. Get stocks you need delivered within 24 hours and pay later. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Access Scarce/Rare Products

    Leverage our relationship with world's top manufacturers to get whatever you need, anytime you need it.
  • Buy Drugs You Trust

    All products come from trusted brands and vetted manufacturers. Our private label medicines are secured with anti-counterfeit Mobile Authentication Service (MAS).
  • Receive Stocks Faster

    We serve you 24/7 and deliver your stocks within 24 hours to any part of the country.
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The Future of Pharmacy Is Here.

The Future of Pharmacy Is Here.

Efficient business process births great customer experience. Improve your pharmacy day-to-day operations efficiencies with solutions designed by pharmacy owners for pharmacies.

  • No More Chaos

    Your pharmacy will no longer have long queues or baskets full of prescriptions with Remedial Rx simple dispensing workflow modules.
  • No More Scrambling

    You can dispense faster as you now know the availability and exactly where anything is at any time.
  • No More Errors

    Deliver safer, more accurate care by instantly accessing up-to-date patient information.
  • No More 'Out of Stock'

    See what you have left in real-time and set a benchmark to automatically request new stocks from Remedial Shop before it runs out.
  • No More Packages on the Shelf

    Immediately receive prescriptions from wards or via chats with patients and have them ready to be dispensed on-demand.
  • No More Paper

    Retrieve and view dispensing records, stock inventory, and sales data in one place, from anywhere on your smart devices.

Built For Health-Care Providers To Take Their Lives Back.

Improve quality of life in Africa without breaking your back or sacrificing profit margin.

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It's Time To Unlock The Future of Your Pharmacy.

Stock up your pharmacy with ease, access credit and simplify your operations.